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The Secretariat handles important meetings at the university, plans and executes relevant assessments and visits, establishes development plans for university affairs, promotes internal control, sets up the academic calendar, reviews and approves important documents and reports, releases news-related public relations, and coordinates business among units.

Chief Secretary

Extension: 2010


Academic Affairs Division

It contains the “Academic Administration Section” and the “General Business Section”.

【Academic Administration Section】

In charge of enrollment management, course selection, credits waivers and transfers, academic performance management, I.D. card production and issuance, and the modification of academic regulations.

【General Business Section】

In charge of promoting multi-channel recruitment and examinations for domestic students, overseas Chinese students, and students from Hong Kong and Macau, as well as strategies for sprout projects and partner schools.

Dean of Academic Affairs

Extension: 2100

Chief of Academic Administration Section

Extension: 2110

Chief of General Business Section

Extension: 2120


Student Affairs Division

Student Affairs Division

The Student Affairs Division includes seven sections (centers): Guidance and Counseling Section, Extracurricular Activities Section, Student Counseling and Guidance Center, Health Section, Character Education Center, Campus Security Center, and Indigenous Students Resource Center. The main responsibilities include rules for human rights and character education, service learning and care for vulnerable groups, physical and mental health and emotions management, student government and engagement, campus safety and friendliness.

Dean of Student Affairs

Extension: 2200

Chief of Guidance and Counseling Section

Extension: 2210

Chief of Extracurricular Activities Section

Extension: 2220

Director of Student Counseling and Guidance Center

Extension: 2230

Chief of Health Section

Extension: 2240

Director of Campus Security Center

Extension: 2210

Executive Secretary of Character Education Center

Extension: 2260

Director of Indigenous Students Resource Center

Extension: 2270

General Affairs Division

General Affairs Division

The General Affairs Division is an administrative support unit for the teaching units and administrative units across the whole university. It handles general administration, documentation, purchasing, cashier services, property and supplies purchasing management, construction and maintenance, cleaning, fire safety, and building safety to maintain the basic operation of the campus as well as the public facility and environmental safety. During the process of the pursuit of growth and development across the university, we provide active administrative services.

Dean of General Affairs

Extension: 2300

Chief of Documentation Section

Extension: 2310

Chief of Procurement Section

Extension: 2360

Chief of Property Management Section

Extension: 2350

Chief of Construction and Maintenance Section

Extension: 2330

Chief of Cashier Section

Extension: 2320

Director of Environmental Safety Center

Extension: 2340

Research and Development Division

Research and Development Division

The Research and Development Division contains the following sections: Industry-Academia Cooperation Section, Academic Promotion Section, International Exchange Center, and Career Development Center. The main function of the division is to establish an industry-government-university collaboration relationship, encourage international academic exchanges, consolidate academic research promotion, plan and allocation funding from the Ministry of Education, handle internship operations, and supervise students’ career planning. It focuses on integrating internal resources to assist teachers and students in gaining industry-academia experience and research opportunities, as well as international exchanges and student recruitment.

Dean of Research and Development


Chief of Academic Promotion Section

Extension: 2410

Chief of Industry-academia Cooperation Section

Extension: 2420

Director of Career Development Center

Extension: 2430

Director of International Exchange Center

Extension: 2440


Information Management Center

Information Management Center

The Information Management Center is in charge of e-mail services, the campus network, O365 system, Google Suite system, TIP system, school administrative system development and maintenance, campus website, web server, classroom computer trouble-shooting, the computer classroom in the Information Management Center, C403 printing classroom, as well as information security, personal information protection, and intellectual property rights protection.

Director of Information Management Center

Extension: 2500

Chief of Network System Section

Extension: 2510

Chief of School Development Section

Extension: 2520

Chief of Administrative and Teaching Support

Extension: 2530


General Education Center

The General Education Center is in charge of cultivating students’ basic literacy in humanity and culture, character, international perspectives, and technology. Based on these, the general education of students will be cultivated step by step. The courses are classified according to general language, general features, general cores, and liberal arts to develop students into all-round talents with cultural literacy, high morality, international perspectives, and knowledge of technology.

Director of General Education Center

Extension: 2790


Division of Continuing Education 

Vision:We aim for a life-long learning society that moves towards sustainable development and applies the concept of life-long learning to teaching design and proposal planning in order to develop professional and complete educational training plans, as well as establishing a leading brand of specialized lifelong management knowledge and creative knowledge learning.

Mission: We cultivate students’ personal creativity capital through multiple skills, cultural knowledge, and an open mind, as well as providing management knowledge as the channel for enterprises to accumulate capital.

Core value:

Specialized training and pursuing sustainable development.

Director of Division of Continuing Education

Extension: 6001


Physical Education Office

Physical Education Office

The Physical Education Office makes great efforts to promote teaching research and hold sports activities across our university.Other than general courses,

we also offer diverse courses related to specific sports, including basketball, volleyball, table tennis,badminton, tennis, water-based activities, ballroom dancing, golf, yoga, fitness, and comprehensive physical fitness.

We assess and analyze the state of physical fitness among freshmen to establish a healthy norm.

We also hold sports events and competitions for students, faculty and staff to nurture a good exercise-friendly atmosphere and enhance school-wide communication.

Director of Physical Education Office

Extension: 2670




The library provides a fully-automated service that interfaces with the university's network.

We have a diverse and growing collection of books in both paperback and e-book formats kept in our database system.

We operate the library in an innovative way and serve our readers according to practical principles.

Library Director

Extension: 2630

Chief of Reader Services Section

Extension: 2636


Accounting Office

The Accounting Office deals with work related to the planning, implementation, and control of budgets,the preparation of financial statements, the verification of original evidence, the preparation of summons, the accounts handling of chronological books,general ledger, and subsidiary ledgers, the preparation of various accounting reports, the storage of original documents and accounting books, the application and verification of subsidies, and the reimbursement of all collections.

Director of Accounting Office

Extension: 2610


Personnel OfficeAff

The personnel office is responsible for human resources across the university, including the recruitment of faculty and staff, salaries,insurance, promotion, retirement, pensions, severance, performance appraisal, rewards and punishments, and personnel information management.Service with kindness is our motto, and we seek to improve business efficiency and service quality, enhance the welfare of colleagues, make effective use of mutual assistance and cooperation, and provide all faculty and staff with appropriate and timely services.

Director of Personnel Office

Extension: 2620


Teaching Resource Center

The Teaching Resource Center established the “Teaching Development and Quality Assurance Section” to enhance teachers’ competence and improve teaching quality through the support of teaching resources and advanced teaching seminars. We also provide an online learning platform for teachers to design online learning courses with the support of teaching assistants to enhance students’ learning effectiveness and to ensure teaching  quality. 

Director of Teaching Resource Center

Extension: 2101

Chief of Teaching development and Quality Assurance Section

Extension: 2130


Institutional Research and Development Center

The Institutional Research and Development Center at our university was established in August of 2020.   

The President of our university, as director of the center, oversees the performance of its core activities.   

Its personnel include a full-time assistant and a full-time teacher, who also works as a part-time researcher.   

The main task of the center is to provide objective information to support the demands of decision-making for personnel at our university, to assist in the development of our university's position and goals, and its position in the national performance league tables for universities, and to offer information that is required by the university or for interscholastic research topics and projects.

Director of Institutional Research and Development Center

Extension: 2000