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About Takming University

Chairman, Chen Liang-Chun   University President
Chairman, Chen Liang-Chun   University President, Lu Chiu-Ling
Campus view of Takming University
Campus view of Takming University

A. History

The University was founded in 1965. In 1987, the entrepreneur Chen Liang Chun took over the post of Chairman. In 2000, the application to upgrade to Takming Institute of Technology was approved. In 2007, the university was renamed as Takming University of Science and Technology. It is the first university of science and technology in Taiwan to focus on finance and economics, carrying the principle of “keeping faith and diligence in study” as well as the educational concept of “character first, professionalism the priority.” We strive to cultivate talents who are equipped with professional knowledge and character. Currently, the University is comprised of three schools, namely Finance,  Informatics, and Management, constituting a total of 12 departments.


B. Our mission, vision, and objectives

1. Mission - To educate professional talents with the characteristics of integrity and virtue, as well as the aim to cultivate sustainable elites for society.

2. Vision - To develop an outstanding university of science and technology that cultivates sustainable talents for society.

3. Objectives - To cultivate talents with competency in “creativity that keeps pace with time”, “capability in problem solving”, a “social force of passion for life”, and “employability through taking challenges”