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Extension Education Division
Two programs are available in the extension education division and they are 4-year and 2-year college programs. Students are required to take sufficient credits and pass examinations in order to obtain their bachelor degrees. Teachers here all have the necessary academic knowledge and skills to teach students. The curriculum is designed to meet the demands of students with vocational academic backgrounds. Most of these students are having day-time jobs while they are pursuing their bachelor degrees. Helping the society to improve the quality of human resources is one of our objectives. Moreover, in order to meet industrial demands, both theories and practical training have been integrated into our curriculum so that our students possess the skills required in the workplace. (Classes are held from Mon. ~ Fri., 18:30~21:45; Teachers can arrange classes on Sat. if necessary)

Extension Education College, Extension Education Junior College
In order to meet the demands from industries, not only the curriculum is designed to equip students with essential knowledge and skills but also teachers all possess the knowledge and practical experiences to pass on to students. Through teaching and experience sharing, our students shall be more competitive in the workplace. Classes are held on Saturday afternoon, Saturday evening and Sunday (students from Extension Education Junior College also need to attend classes on Friday). This program is particular suitable to students with a regular job on weekdays. Students need to take all the required courses and study for at least 2 years. When students graduate from Extension Education Junior College, they will be issued with an associate degree; when students graduate from Extension Education College, they will graduate with bachelor degrees.

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