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Introduction of Research and Development Department

On the occasion of developing the strengths and creating the competitiveness of our school, every administrative and academic unit is trying its best to make our school the best of all. The function of R&D department is to establish a cooperative relationship among industries, government and universities to encourage international academic exchanges, to coordinate the promotion of academic research, the planning and allocation of tuition fees and subsidy funds, to provide its consulting service to students on their career plans, etc. The role it plays is to be responsible for integrating internal resources and to act as a contact window to internal and external customers. Below is the introduction on each unit:

【Career Development Center】
Introduction of Each Unit:
As the career development center is in the technical and vocational education system, our job is to teach students skills needed in industries, enhance their personal competitiveness and focus on their own career plan. The focuses of our work are listed as follows:

•Strengthen professional knowledge and skills: Including holding seminars about latest development in industries, promoting and encouraging students to obtain as many licenses as possible, and equipping students with satisfying professional qualities with the assistance of guidance courses held in each academic department or extension education division.
•Job-seeking skill counseling: Including teaching students how to write their resumes, what interview skills students should possess, how to express oneself and how to present a professional image, etc.
•Implant the concepts of workplace ethics and the idea of life-time learning into students: Including teaching students that they have to work hard, enjoy working, and cultivate habits such as learning proactively so that not only their professional skills will be recognized in the society but also their personal accomplishments.
•Alumni service: Including assisting alumni association to set up their homepage and alumni database, handling regular operational activities between alumni association and TMUST, and acting as a liaison between alumni and TMUST.

•Employment program: In order to intensify students’ competitiveness in the job market, we offer 21 employment related courses which are all subsidized by the “Employment Program and Professional Courses Project” sponsored by Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training. In this program, we not only invite experts from industries to teach and share their experiences with our students but also arrange enterprise visits to help our students increase their employment opportunities.
•Other daily routines: Including handling group-registration for various kinds of proficiency examinations, announcing job opportunities, tracking matches, providing consulting and alumni services, etc.

Analysis of Current Status:

In 2008, the major activities under our charge are:

Enhancing professional abilities:
•Inviting managers from industries to provide their regular experiences-sharing service on campus
•Holding activities for emerging industries – e.g. holding seminars for the logistical industry
•Holding work-experience-sharing seminars (4 sessions, in which experts from different industries were invited to give speeches and share their experiences with our students)
•Holding seminars about international job market (we invited supervisors from foreign companies to introduce the current status of international job market)
•Training & Counseling Seminars (10 sessions; industrial experts or outstanding alumni are invited to give speeches to students)
•Holding seminars about industries and career planning

Job-seeking skill counseling:
•Holding seminars about how to write resumes in Chinese and English and holding resume writing contests.
•Playing movies about career planning (4 sessions; through the appreciation of movies to help students think what is important in their career planning)
•Co-hosting “RICH Workplace Experience” seminars with Youth Vocational Training Center so as to provide more part-time job information to students (such as skills applicable in interviews, safety, etc)
•Co-hosting job transfer exhibitions with our extension education division (at the end of Dec.): It provides job transferring opportunities not only to our alumni but also to residents in our community.
•Holding head-hunting on campus for enterprises (in the middle of May): The activities are mainly held on Saturday for graduating students so that they can obtain interview opportunities right on spot and know what skills talents should possess in the job market.
•Matching up the license policy promoted by government, conducting group-registration for various kinds of proficiency examinations and setting up authorized examination room on campus, holding TQC examinations. Meanwhile, incentives are designed to encourage students to obtain as many licenses as possible to further enhance their competitiveness.
•Tracking graduating students’ employment status as required by employment program (awarded by Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training as “Excellent Training Organization in 2003”)
•Acting as the convening school of “Northern Team 1 Resource Center of Universities and Colleges Career Plan, Youth Vocational Training Center, Executive Yuan” to coordinate communication and activities between the Youth Vocational Training Center and schools.

Future Development Direction:
Students’ ability to cultivation lies in the efforts made by each department’s faculty. In addition to further intensify our own job and being more creative, the R&D department will also proactively co-work with each department, extension education division, etc to enhance students’ competitiveness in every aspect.

【Academic Promotion Unit  】
Academic Promotion Unit is in charge of applying for, allocating and managing the subsidies granted by Ministry of Education and is in charge of hosting workshops for boosting teachers’ research motivation and making related rules and incentives for encouraging teachers to devote to research, etc.

•Allocating and managing subsidies granted by Ministry of Education
•Unifying the presentation of school information
•Coordinating internal departments and requiring them to present their basic information as instructed by Ministry of Education and compiling the information accordingly
•Capital account of award and subsidy
Bringing up related information in dedicated team meetings to draw up the submission standard of the year for the capital accounts in each unit.
◦Collecting and organizing demands from each unit, complying with the control operation conducted by the accounting department and the general affairs division, and maintaining the tuition fees and subsidy funds of our accounting system.
◦Collecting and organizing the execution progress of each unit and verifying the statuses of items listed in the construction and maintenance list.
•Current account of award and subsidy
◦Drawing up internal distribution standards of the year for annual faculty trainings, publications, teaching improvement and researches conducted by our faculty.
◦Collecting and organizing verified data from our department and the personnel division and verifying the statuses of items listed in the construction and maintenance list.
◦ Processing annual tuition fees and auditing subsidy funds executed by Chinese Management Association authorized by Ministry of Education.
◦Processing the applications of our faculty’s training, publications, teaching improvement and researches conducted by our faculty.
◦Organizing each department’s faculty training, publications, teaching improvement and researches conducted by our faculty before teachers’ teaching quality evaluation and then handling related verification, case closing, recording related accounting items, etc.
•Collecting and providing information about awards or subsidies so as to help our faculty to obtain more resources while doing researches.
•Adjusting related regulations or rules and coordinating the resources of units concerned in order to effectively allocate and utilize the available resources.
•Processing the application, organizing and verifying research projects and subsidies granted by related governmental departments (e.g. projects such as Improving the Foundation Education in Universities, Constructing Innovative Space On-Campus, etc)
•Supporting departmental operation and assignments from supervisors.

Analysis of Current Status:

In our academic team, there is a team leader and one team member to take care of related work. The achievements are listed as follows:

•Handling data collection, control and verification of tuition fees and subsidy funds from 2001 onwards and handling the arrangement of Chinese Management Association’s audit (authorized by Ministry of Education) on the processing status of our tuition fees and subsidy funds in 2008.
•Processing the applications of our faculty’s training, publications, and teaching improvement. Making changes on related regulations of teachers’ research reward and advanced education. (the comments collected are as follows: to retain excellent teachers and encourage them to have more publications and upgrade their academic level by offering high bonuses and increasing the amount of subsidies; to subsidize researches failing to obtain subsidies granted by National Science Council; to recruit eligible professors to guide research programs with high salaries so as to create more cooperation opportunities among industries, governmental departments, and universities in Nei-Hu Science Park).
•Processing the application, organization and verification of research projects or subsidies granted by related governmental departments and assisting in related administrative operations such as achievement presentation.
•Processing operations related to national project implementation contests participated by students from technical and vocational schools in the hope that our students can win themselves more awards.

Future Development Direction:

In order to achieve the objective of technology integration as a technical and vocational education system, our R&D Department will dedicate to integrating internal resources. We’ll focus on the following points:

•Continuously holding seminars or courses about how to enhance researchers’ ability so as to help our faculty constantly improve their research and report writing abilities.
•Integrating internal resources, establishing our own research team and intensifying our research and teaching quality.
•Moving towards the direction of integrating existing researches and encouraging teachers to conduct more researches so as to increase the total number of researches released from our school, which is one essential component of being a high-quality science and technology university.
•Modifying regulations on rewarding faculty’s research and advanced education pursuit in order to comply with our school’s overall development strategies in the hope to effectively encourage faculty’s research and advanced education pursuit and the promotion of industry-university cooperation.

【Industry-University Cooperation Team】


Industry-university cooperation team is the contact window for enterprises interested in forming an industry-university cooperation relationship. This team is in charge of activities related to research, practical training, technical service, etc, so as to help each educational unit to reach the targets of “Complying with National Technical and Economic Development and Sound Vocational Education System”. Meanwhile, our objective is to cultivate talents good at business management, languages and technical knowledge so as to achieve the targets of “Speeding Up Industry Upgrade and Promoting the Development of National Technology Industry” set up by our government.

Future Development Direction:

In order to achieve the objectives of our technical and vocational education system and become a high-quality science and technology university, our focuses are listed below:

•Integrating internal resources so as to create a good cooperation and research environment.
•Establishing faculty’s specialty database and assisting in setting up research teams so as to facilitate the promotion of cooperative education programs and industry-university research projects.
•Intensifying the connection and communication with Nei-Hu Science Park and Nan-Kang Software Park so as to understand the characteristics in each industry and their demands and then to form a more practical cooperation relationship with enterprises.
•Proactively promoting the cooperation and communication plans with related industries, encouraging integrated cross-field researches and assisting in planning the developing characteristics of our school’s research priority.
•Establishing industry-university communication platform, encouraging our faculty to participate in public or private enterprises’ research, technical service, cooperative education programs, etc so as to flesh out their practical experiences.
•Encouraging to hold achievement presentations so as to make contribution to the society.
•Proactively winning over project subsidies issued by governmental departments so as to develop our characteristics and participate in the cooperation between governmental departments and universities.
•Encouraging our faculty to apply for the research projects released by National Science Council and assisting in handling administrative operations about research rewards and subsidies.
•Encouraging each unit to apply for the research projects released by Ministry of Education and assisting in handling administrative operations about research rewards and subsidies.
•Handling the applications of internal projects and holding regular achievement presentations.
•Exploring and promoting all kinds of industrial, governmental and academic research projects and filing up related data and conducting related statistical analysis.
•Assisting in processing cooperative educational programs or faculty’s extension educational projects and holding related seminars.
•Proactively seeking partners for educational communication, ,fulfilling the function of students’ learning passports and developing the characteristics of our schools’ cooperative educational programs.
•Assisting in promoting professional certification so as to create a professional image for our students in the long run.
•Proactively promoting cross-strait academic communication and visits and then forming a relationship of sister school and academic cooperation.
•Promoting internationalization of our school and related communication activities so as to encourage our students to be connected to the international society..

【International Exchange Center】


In order to intensify our school’s overall international competitiveness, we are dedicated in hosting related international activities, such as establishing more sister schools, dual-degree programs, exchange students/faculty, hosting seminars and contests, etc, and signing up cooperation and exchange plans with universities overseas. In order to realize the objective of international academic communication, our school started to exchange students/faculty with sister schools in 2007. Thus encourages students to obtain their second degree overseas through dual-degree programs and encourages students and faculty to proactively participate in international visits and short-term cultural, technical, etc exchanges.

Analysis of Current Status:
•Exploring overseas market by forming cooperation contracts.
•Providing information about overseas study tour or studying abroad and encouraging students to participate in international activities and short-term cultural, technical, etc exchanges.
•Selecting junior and senior students with great academic performance and sending them abroad as exchange students.
•Assisting in processing international student admission.
•Receiving foreign guests and arranging mutual visits with schools overseas.
•Hosing international seminars and short-term lecture courses.

Future Development Direction:
•Seeking cooperation opportunities in South-East Asia, Japan, Korea, etc.
•Nourishing and maintaining good relationship with sister schools and continuously arranging faculty/student exchanges.
•Proactively participating in and hosting international seminars and short-term workshops for both faculty and students.
•Intensifying the industry-university cooperation programs with international enterprises so as to provide overseas practical training opportunities to our faculty and students.
•Encouraging students to obtain foreign language proficiency licenses.

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