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Documentation Section

1. Processing incoming and outgoing official documents and mails for the entire college.
2. Supporting school conferences.
3. Providing the service to add the college official seals.
4. Archiving official documents for the entire college.
Division of Cashiers
Responsible for processing receipt and payment of money of the whole school. The groundwork projects include: transferring accounts of salary subsidies, processing hourly payment and all kinds of remittances for the proceeds, keeping deposit receipts, and checking the current account of the bank.
Purchasing Section
1. Examining the process of public bidding for property and facility services.
2. Responsible for applying money in advance and the operation for outsourcing purchase.
3. Responsible for the procurement of departmental supplies, equipment, materials, services, etc.
4. Purchasing and inspecting related items of the research projects from NSC.
5. Operating procurement of items by bulk which supported by MOE.
6. Solicits bids, awards contracts and initiates purchase orders in accordance with applicable statutes, policies, guidelines and related regulations.
7. Explaining government procurement related laws.
8. Responsible for evaluating the progress of the construction of school buildings.
9. Responsible for filing purchasing records.

General Affairs and Construction and Maintenance and Property Management
Responsible for all kinds of business related affairs of the whole school. The groundwork projects include : keeping school environment neat, vehicle management and supporting large-scale activities.

 Responsible for school building maintenance and repairing projects such as water leakage, electricity beak down etc. The groundwork projects include: construct new buildings, repairing and supervising all kinds of projects such as air conditioner maintenance.

 Responsible for managing unfixed properties of school as well as real estate. The groundwork projects include: the registration management of the land, classrooms, equipments and dormitory management.

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