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Student Affairs Division

There are six sections under the charge of the dean of Students Affairs Division, including Daily-Life Guidance Section, Extracurricular Activity Section, Counseling Center, Hygiene and Health Section, Character Education Center, Campus Security Center and under each section/center, there is one section/center leader and few members.
In early days in Taiwan, the Student Affairs Division in schools was playing an authoritative role. However, these days the ideas of providing services to students and continual learning are more emphasized and focused. Taking care of students’ overall needs and helping them achieve a prosperous future are both the goals we aim to reach.
In order to reach the goals that have been set, we are working jointly on five aspects: to infuse the concepts of laws, human rights and ethics, to learn to take care of disvantaged minority, to manage emotion and be physically fit, to realize the idea of student autonomy and participation, and to establish a safe and friendly learning environment.
Jobs responsibilities are listed below:
I. Daily-Life Guidance Section
1. Campus disaster management
2. Taking care of students’ accidents
3. Providing counseling for students’ daily life and class absence/cutting
4. Arranging student loans for students
5. Rewarding and punishing students’ academic performance
6. Providing military-service related counseling
7. Managing dormitory
8.Visiting students’ living out of campus and verifying their living quality
9. Promoting the disadvantages of smoking and related anti-smoking activities
10. Planning curriculum of volunteer activities (I)(Volunteer activities for environment protection and transportation order maintenance)
11. Infusing students with the idea of democracy and laws
12. Promoting the concept of Intellectual Property Rights
13. Promoting the concept of transportation safety
14. Promoting society-caring related activities
II. Extracurricular Activity Section
1, Helping students apply for grants or subsidies provided by Ministry of Education
2. Helping students apply for scholarships provided by TMUST or external organizations and related data collection and submission
3. Processing on campus part-time job application and wage application of part-time jobs
4. Processing the application for “Financial Aid for Disadvantaged Students”
5. Taking care of students’ tours and visits
6. Taking care of students’“Learning Passport” application
7. Handing class-meeting related activities
8. Holding related activities for freshmen campus orientation
9. Holding activities for TMUST anniversary celebration and school fairs
10. Holding singing contests for freshmen
11. Providing counseling for student unions and related activities
12. Providing counseling for departmental clubs and processing related activities
13. Holding club evaluation activities
14. Holding seminars for club leading cadres
15. Planning social services
16. Supporting club volunteer activities
17. Supporting the handling of international volunteer activities
III. Counseling Center
There are four school psychologists providing counseling services to all students and faculties
1. Providing psychological counseling
2. Providing psychological evaluations(career, interests, personality, social relationship, etc)
3. Hosting growth groups and workshops
4. Holding psychological health related activities
5. Promoting the idea of gender equality
6. Taking care of complaints made by students
7. Resource classroom: Taking care of the needs of all disabled students
IV. Hygiene and Health Section
1. There are two full-time nurses providing services to students and if necessary, they can also arrange a referral.
2. Every Monday afternoon and Thursday afternoon, the school doctor is here to provide students and teachers his counseling and medical care.
3. Hygiene and Health Section will hold health related activities irregularly such as first-aid training, weight-reducing, aerobics, yoga, mountain climbing, hiking, pressure releasing workshops.
V. Character Education Center
1. Planning character-education related activities
2. Hosting meetings for Gender Equality Education Committee and processing related cases

Ⅵ. Campus Security Center
1. Emergency measures and campus security
2. Campus disaster management
3. Taking care of students’ accidents

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