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Brief Introduction of Academic and Industrial R&D Center

The name of this center was originally called “South East Asia Research Center”; then was changed to Academic and Industrial R&D Center on Aug., 2009. The purpose of this school-level research center lies in integrating all the human and facility resources on campus so as to undertake cross-field projects by mobilizing all the students and faculty on campus to devote themselves to related research. Thus in turn serves as a great platform for the cooperation between academic and industrial organizations. Through the research conducted in this center, we could provide strategies for organizations seeking for transformation and also provide counseling about marketing, design, research and development, production, technology, and skills to help industrial organizations solve their problems and reach a win-win situation.

Regarding technology integration, we established a “Joint R&D Lab” with an organization to develop “Blue-Gold Bio-Tech Product” out of deep ocean water. Through product-related marking strategies conducted by our marketing team and domestic and international exhibitions, not only the awareness of the product is great increased, but also the awareness for TMUST,. Thus is indeed an example of effect achieved by cooperation between academic and industrial organizations. Besides, in order to create a great research environment, we frequently hold seminars or forums to stimulate the virtuous interaction between academic and industrial fields by sharing their experiences and know-how. Our R&D Center also devotes to helping our own institutions (Global Industry-University Operation Research Center, Chains and Franchising Industry-University Research Center, C4ISR Research Center, Software Test Center, etc) to obtain related projects from either governmental or industrial organizations so as to further enhance the performance of the cooperation between academic and industrial fields.

1. Director of R&D Center: In charge of all kinds of cooperation and activities held between universities or between industries and universities.
2. Two researchers (both have PhD degrees): In charge of the research and development of deep ocean water products.
3. Domestic and international honorary advisers (Professor Chen Chi-Yi, National Dong Hwa University, Dr. Robert Abernethy, Mr. Wes Fulton, etc)

Virtual Industry-University Teams are as follows:
1. Marketing team of deep ocean water products
2. Weibull analysis and Taguchi method teams
3. Promotion team of chain industry’s internationalization
4. Technology transfer and intellectual property rights study team
5. Innovation, creativity, intrapreneurship study team
6. Chinese finance and economics study team
7. GPS+GIS study team
8. System analysis and evaluation consulting team for major investments

With the support from our team members, we expect TMUST to become an eye-catching star in Nei-Hu Technology Park. Hopefully, through the efforts and dedication of our R&D Center, organizational problems could successfully be solved and meanwhile our industry-university team is well prepared to provide our academic power for your organizations. Please feel free to contact us if you need any support from us.



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