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Computer Center Information

I. Environment
Location: Room 503-1, Main Hallway, Zhong-Zheng Building
Computer Labs: C103, C405, C406, C501, C504, C505, C506
Internet Access Zone: Room 404, Zhong-Zheng Building
Network Print Center (Practical Training Lab): Room 403, Zhong-Zheng Building

II. Campus network information
1, General network information:
(1) TMUST homepage: http: //www.takming.edu.tw
(2) Portal site for campus information (TIP): http://netinfo.takming.edu.tw/tip/ or login via TMUST homepage (do not set proxy)
(3) The login accounts of students are identical with their student ID numbers. As for new students, the preset password is the same as their ID numbers. Students may login to Personal Profile at TIP and click on Student Password Change to change the password. Please do not forget the newly set password.
(4) To login to TMUST TIP, email account, and Network Print Center, students are required to enter their account name and password.
(5) Students coming back to school to resume their studies, the passwords will be preset as their ID numbers.

2, Wireless network introduction:
(1) TMUST wireless network supports wireless PCI 802.11b &
802.11g (excluding 802.11a).
(2) Activate WLAN card.
(3) If the WLAN Card cannot get you connected to Internet, please right-click
the WLAN Card icon and then select “search for accessible wireless network” to access the wireless access point available.
(4) Please confirm whether the proxy of the browser is set.
(5) After opening the browser, you’ll see the login page.
(6) Please input the email account provided by TMUST as your account name (in the form of “student ID No.@ mail.cc.takming.edu.tw”) and your password. (if it is your first time to log in, the preset password is identical with your ID No.)
(7) Press login to enter the webpage.
III. Internet Connection Application in Dormitory
(1) Students living in dormitory shall register at Computer Center if they need to get access to Internet (please prepare yourself with WLAN Card, LAN cable and antivirus software in advance). Please read related management regulations for dormitory network.
(2) When network connection problems occur, please check potential causes in the first place. If the problem cannot be fixed, please fill out the repair application form and turn it in for Computer Center’s support.
IV. Respect paid for intellectual property right (IPR)
Please refer to the following URL: http://www.takming.edu.tw/cc/ to learn more about the application regulations and the promotion of IRP. Students need to pay attention to IPR related issues while using services provided by TMUST on-campus network and BBS.
V. Services
1. An email account is available to each student with a capacity of 30MB. The account has the following format: student ID No @mail.cc.takming.edu.tw.
2. If you are getting access to your email account through web mail, please follow the procedures listed below:
(1) Please go to TMUST TIP à click My E MAILà add a domain name class before the verification area (for example: class\student ID No.).
(2) The other way to access your email account is to directly key in http: //mail.cc.takming.edu.tw in the browser and then after the verification is conducted, you are free to use the email account (please follow the method mentioned in point 1 to key in your account name).
(3) If you prefer to access TMUST account by outlook or other
options, please set the addresses of SMTP (receiving) and POP3 (sending) address as mail.cc.takming.edu.tw.
(4) Network Print Center (Practical Training Lab) and
Internet Access Zone are accessible in the time frame listed below:
A. 08: 30~21: 30 , Mon.~Fri.
13: 00~21: 30, Sat.; 08: 30~17: 00, Sun.
B. As for opening hours during any holidays or events, please refer to the details in TMUST school calendar.
The opening hours during summer and winter vacations will be announced separately. 。
(5) Network Print Center is located in Room 403 and homework can be printed in black and white or colors.
(6) Network Print Center Application Introduction:
A. Please input your account name and password before being you are allowed to do the printing..
B. Please make your payment at the Cashier Division in advance and then go to the Computer Center to let them verify the number of paper allowed to be printed with the receipt issued by the Cashier Division.
VI., Paid Services
1. Resetting ppassword resetting
2. increased Increaseing printing quantityquota
3. Please make your payment at Associated Service Center and hand the receipt to the personnel on duty in Computer Center Office or C403 for processing.
VII., Contact window
Team leader, Mr. Lee at Ext.2530 ,Administrative and Instructional Support Division

Meng-chyi Harn


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