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Graduate Institute of Information Technology and Management

In our graduate school, we divide information technology and management related courses into the following 3 categories: business system and application, management and decision-making science, and information technology and application. The curriculum is designed so to meet the components in national development plan and the increasing demand of R&D talents from information industry so as to enhance the international competitiveness of the industry.

The medium and long-term development objectives of Information College include  cultivating talents to care about the society, with culture literacy and professional skills, increasing the level of academic research, enhancing industry-university communication and practical applications, enhancing teachers’ professional skills and strengthening students’ competitiveness.

Graduate Institute of Information Technology and Management also has the objective to cultivate excellent information R&D talents and make them outstanding in “science, humanities, knowledge power and global perspective” through integrating both theories and practical researches into curriculum which can only be seen in technical and vocational education system. We expect to see our graduate school to be ranked the top 1 in Taiwan sometime.

Cultivating professional information technology talents and managerial talents is our major objective. The research fields include information technology, measurement computing, information security, digital content, etc. We are determined to cultivate high-quality information managerial talents through equipping them with programming ability, infusing them with the ideas of organizational structure, system analysis and project management, integrating the application technologies of information technology and information management, and integrating theories with practical researches. Theories and practical researches are both important to us; therefore we carry out a training system that allows students to diverse professional practical research opportunities. Under this industry-university cooperation project, students can have their practical trainings inside companies and sometimes they have chances to co-work with teachers in certain projects. Through this arrangement, students can further verify the theories they have learned with the reality they are facing.

Our information technology and management related courses are further divided into the following 3 categories:
(1) Business System and Application Program: In this program, we focus on examining the effect and the value of business organization’s internal information supporting system utilized in its operation; e.g. digitalization, operation flow reformation, e-business, etc.
(2) Management and Decision-Making Science Program: In this program, we focus on cultivating R&D talents with technological skills that allow them to fully integrate the data bases of computers, measurement computing models, technology management, information security, artificial intelligence, etc.
(3) Information Technology and Application Program: In this program, we focus on exploring information technology, the concept of intelligence system, and the integration and formation of the theories and practice of software engineering.

Our school is located close to Nei-Hu Science Park in Taipei City and Nan-Gang Software Park nearby. Our objective is to provide basic-level information talents, information technology and managerial talents needed in these science parks. Therefore, our curriculum is designed with information technology related courses as a major structure supplemented by management courses.

Presently, we have 16 research rooms prepared for teachers, 8 professional experiment labs (Commercial Intelligence Lab, Information Security Lab, Data Base Lab, Multimedia Lab, Mobile Business Lab, Cisco Network Lab, RFID Application Lab and Value Software Engineering Research Lab), 2 graduation project topic classrooms, 4 computer labs, 1 student seminar room, 1 departmental office, 1 director office and 1 departmental library. Regarding all the facilities mentioned above, in order to make sure the resources are utilized in an efficient manner and are well maintained, students are required to follow related application rules. Through the integration of education, project implementation and industry-academic research cooperations, students’ research abilities will be further enhanced, which is quite helpful to the development of our departmental research and education.

Our school is located close to Nei-Hu Science Park in Taipei City and Nan-Gang Software Park nearby,. therefore their demands for information related engineers and managerial talents are greater than those of other areas. In the near future when industries in Taiwan are being upgraded, talents needed in the job market will be those with R&D abilities and high education levels; therefore people with a master degree or above will be in high demand.

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