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Department of Information Technology


The objectives of our department are as follows: cultivating professional talents for information technology industry, upgrading the level of the development and application of information technology, promoting academic interchange activities and expediting the upgrade of domestic information technology industry.


The mission of our department is to help, train and turn our students into the core technological talents in information technology related industries. Therefore, our curriculum is designed based on two courses -“software engineering” and 
“intellectual system” and is supplemented by the theory study and the practice of “system integration” in order to make our students to become IT talents possessing both the knowledge of software engineering and intellectual system.


The economy of a country lies in the development of technology which relies on the professional specialization and the achievement of professional specialization lies in the cultivation of talents. I
Our department will seek academic co-operations opportunities with other universities and research institutions. Our students can choose to work in the information technology industry, apply for jobs related to information technology, or pursue further academic education and devote themselves to the academic world.

>College of Informatics 

Lan Kuo Torng



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