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College of Informatics


As the information industry was growing faster and becoming more prosperous, in order to meet the demands of information talents in the job market, we established an electronic data processing day class when our school was a 5-year junior college in 1989 with a determination to cultivate managerial talents well trained in technology skills and management. Later in 1990, we set up two electronic data processing classes respectively in our day and evening schools and in 1994, the course name was changed into information management. In 2002, our school was transformed into a technology college. Since then the information management department has been formed and our technology college also has included a junior college section. 
Due to the trend of specialization in information industry has become more and more prevailing, intelligent systems and digital content related industries also started to emerge in the market. Therefore, we set up the Department of Information Technology and Department of Multi-Media Design in 2003 and 2004 respectively. Each department had one class in the day school section of our 4-year college. Later, when our school was transformed into a science and technology university successfully, we established the College of Informatics in 2007 and in 2008, we further set up the Graduate Institute of Information Technology and Management. Till then, all these three departments and one graduate institute has made the structure of our College of Informatics even more complete. 


Ever since our establishment, we have stuck to our philosophy of “cultivating professional talents for our country and business talents for enterprises” and “valuing equally the integrity and specialty”. Our current objectives is “cultivating talents with culture literacy, professional skills and care for the society, increasing the level of academic research, enhancing the communication between industries and universities and practical application, continuously strengthening our faculty’s professional capabilities and students’ competitiveness in the job market”. 


 In order to cope with the trend of global information society and to co-operate with governmental strategies in information application industries, our current objectives are to strengthen the professional capabilities of our faculty and the competitiveness of students in the job market. We hope that we can cultivate talents with the essence of “science, humanities, knowledge power and global perspective” through the teaching method of integrating both theories and practical research into curriculum and thus can only be found in the technical and vocational education system.





Research Interests


Chin-Fu Ho

Ph.D., Industrial Engineering and Operation Research, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA

Distribution Management, Supply Chain Management, Commerce Automation, Electronic Commerce



Department of Information Management

Department of Information Technology

Department of Multimedia Design

Graduate Institute of Information Technology and Management

Chin-Fu Ho

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