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Department of Chain and Franchising Management


  In the 21st century, services industry becomes a leading player. Chain stores have become a popular way of operating a business. This is the first professional Department of Chains and Franchising Management in Taiwan. The targets of its establishment is to meet the trend of economy development, to increase the overall value of the headquarter, to cultivate talents needed in the work force so as to enhance the competitiveness of our domestic chains and franchising industries, and to set up a platform where cooperation between industries and academic organizations could be achieved so that we will have sufficient talents who can exert their capabilities in foreign or China’s chains and franchising industries. We want our students not only to be needed in these related industries but also to be capable of starting their own business. The characteristics of our Department can be summarized into five practical learning processes: respecting teachers, introducing enterprises, matching with enterprises, visiting enterprises, and final reporting.


Cultivate practical chain store management talents.


As for employment arrangements, we expect our students to devote themselves to the basic operation of the organizations they work for, then to be promoted to the supervision positions within 2~3 years, and later to be promoted to the high-ranking managerial positions within another 5 years and also to have the ability and experience to start their own business. In terms of starting their own business, we expect them to have the ability not only to run a shop but to develop and start their own chains and franchising system within 5 years. 
After graduation, students can work in departments such as marketing, production, HR, accounting, planning, or business management department in any organizations and be responsible for administration, planning or management related jobs. Meanwhile, they can also choose to take national Civil Service Examination to work in governmental departments. Other than working, students can also pursue their advanced education in graduate schools in Taiwan or overseas and become teachers or researchers in the future.
We expect our students to be able to obtain a job right after graduation.

  • Employment: chain store manager, assistant store manager, cost control manager, enterprise-inviting manager, financial manager, home delivery manager,
  • Starting own business






Research Interests


Chin-Fu Ho

Ph.D., Industrial Engineering and Operation Research, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA)

Distribution Management, Supply Chain Management, Commerce Automation, Electronic Commerce

Associate Professor

Chung, Yu-ming

Ph.D., National Taipei University,Taiwan

Marketing Management、Organizational Behavior, Strategic Management.

Assistant Professor

Chang, Hsin-Yuan

Ph.D., National Dong Hwa University, Business Administration)

 Management Science, Financial Management, Performance Measurement, Risk Management

Assistant Professor

 Chang, Chin-chih

Ph.D., National Taiwan University of Science and Technology,Taiwan

Reliability Engineering, Maintenance Policy, Operations Research and Management, Applied Statistics

Assistant Professor

 Yen-Chun Peng

, National Chung Hsing University of Business Administration, Taiwan)

Marketing Management, Relationship Marketing, Services Marketing, Market Orientation


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Bai-Sheng Chen

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