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Department of Marketing Management


   The Department of Marketing Management was established in 2004 and due to the increased business activities of trade shows and conventions around the world in recent years, the Division of International Convention, Exhibition and Tourism Management was founded in 2009. The Graduate School of Services and Operation Management which was established in 2007 joint the Department of Marketing Management in 2011. Currently the Department offers two master programs.


The goal of this department is to provide and strengthen students with professional knowledge and capabilities in marketing and international marketing management field.

Objectives & Curriculum

The objective of the department is to educate students with professional marketing knowledge and capabilities. Students are expected to manage marketing activities related to B2C and B2B.  The curriculum includes the basic management courses and professional courses, consumer behavior module and business marketing module. In addition, the department offers courses such as foreign language, information system and assistance with the preparation for professional certificates. Practical training courses in summer break or within the semester is one of the cores of the Department.  These include being a trainee in corporations, visiting corporations and working with industry-cooperation projects. In the final year, in order to combine theory and practical learning, students also need to complete a graduating project.

Opportunities after undergraduates

Post-Graduate Program: Based on students' interests or career planning, they could choose either to pursue the master program offered by the Department or other universities.
Employment: Public service officials, project management personnel, and marketing management personnel, marketing staffs and etc.

Division of International Convention, Exhibition and Tourism Management, Department of Marketing Management

Conforming to the business trend of international exhibitions, we have designed curriculum to strengthen students' ability in planning and executing international exhibitions along with professional trainings conducted from the viewpoint of running tourism and leisure business. Our objective is to cultivate operation and marketing management talents in areas of international convention and exhibition, tourism and leisure of the students.
Objectives & Curriculum 
In addition to the fundamental and business management courses, there are two core segments, International Convention and Exhibition Management, and Tourism and Leisure Management. We also offer courses of languages and information technology applications. We encourage students to take both basic and advanced professional license examinations to equipped their abilities for job-seeking. For practical courses, students are required to participate in academia and industry cooperation programs, business visits, and seminars of practical industrial issues, etc.
Opportunities after graduates
Post-Graduate Program: Based on students' interests or career planning, they could choose either to pursue the master programs offered by this Department, Department of Logistics Management in business school or other universities.
Employment: public officials, international convention and exhibition planner, tourism and leisure marketing personnel, public relationship and etc.





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