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Department of Distribution Management


Our department was established in 2003 as a department of Distribution Management in the 4-year college section and then in 2010 we setup a Department of Distribution Management under further education program in our 4-year college section. The education delivered in college section is to link the education students received in senior or vocation high schools and to make all courses consistent with integrity so that students can learn both theories and skills about business administration and make themselves the talents needed later in the job market. 


The education objective of our department is to cultivate business managerial talents with capabilities that are needed by our national industrial developments and to facilitate industrial cooperation with logistic service enterprises in Neihu Technology Park to provide part-time and job opportunities to our students.

  • Teaching quality guarantees: We have established a continuous teaching quality improvement system.
  • Emphasizing on industrial cooperation: We have established a Global Logistic Industrial Cooperation Center and Chain Store Development Center.
  • Helping students obtaining professional certificates: Beginner Logistics Management, SOLE- CPL


After graduates, students can pursue careers in logistics, e-commerce, service industry, manufacturing industry, franchise enterprises, retailing, circulation industry, storage management, and wholesaling.






Research Interests

Chairman, Associate Professor

Bai-Sheng Chen

Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan

Logistics Practices, Logistics Information System, Channel Management


Yu-Cheng Hsiao

Ph.D., National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

Industrial Management, Operations Research, Supply Chain Management, Logistics Management


Jen-Shiang Chen

Ph.D., National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

Industrial Management, Operations Research, Supply Chain Management, Logistics Management

Associate Professor

Yuan-Chau Liour

Ph.D, University of Mississippi, USA

Chain+Franchise, Innovation Mgmt,
Marketing, Quality Mgmt, Chinese Mgmt Thinking


Associate Professor

 Dwan-Fang Sheu

National Chiao Tung
university, Institute of Business & Management
, Taiwan

Management Accounting
Financial Accounting
Financial Management

Assistant Professor

 Muh-Lin Tsai

Ph. D., National Taipei University, Taiwan

Marketing Management,
Strategic Management
Global Logistics Management,
Human Resource Management,
Consumer Behavior

Associate Professor

Jonas C.P. Yu

Ph. D., National Central University, Taiwan

Supply chain management, Inventory contral

Associate Professor

Wan-Chun Liu

Ph.D., Chinese Culture University, Taiwan.

International Economics, Financial Policy, Applied Econometrics

Assistant professor

Shu-Fang Lai)

Ph.D.National Taiwan University Taiwan

Fleet Management, Transportation Economics, Enterprise Resource Planning

Assistant professor

Ying-Chien Hsiao

Ph.D, National Taiwan University Taiwan

Marketing Management, Services Marketing, Research Method

Assistant professor

Ku-Kuang Chang

Ph.D.,National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

Supply Chain Management,Business Forecasting,Information Management

Assistant professor

Tzu-Su Li

Ph.D.,National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology Taiwan

supply chain management, quality management, purchasing and inventory management

Assistant professor

Chung-Ming Chang

Master., Azusa Paceific
University, U S A

Accounting, Law





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Bai-Sheng Chen



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