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Department of Applied Foreign Languages


The Department of Applied Foreign Languages was established in 2002. The courses offered in our department focus on English and Japanese and our objectives are to train and upgrade students' four basic language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) and translation skills so as to prepare them for the General English Proficiency Test and other related standard tests as well as for their further studies and career plans.
In order to realize the objectives mentioned above, our curriculum design lies in the integration between language and industry related courses in the hope not only to improve students' foreign language proficiency but also to equip them with sufficient communication skills applicable in workplace.
By encouraging E-learning, students are able to preview before the class and conduct self-study. With improved teaching methods, students can gain better learning results.


To cultivate an applied foreign language professional with practicability, humanity, global vision and work ethic


  • Caring for students' mentality.
  • Developing students' basic and professional skills.
  • Building the information application skills.
  • Preparing the students for further studies and work.
  • Improving teachers' teaching profession.
  • Focusing on academic research.
  • Cooperating with corporations.
  • Encouraging workplace training.



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Yiu-nam Leung



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