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Department of Business Administration

Our department was established in 1968. We set up the 5-year junior college section in 1968, 2-year junior college section in 1969, evening section in 2-year junior college in 1982, further education school in 2-year junior college section in 1999, both the day and evening schools in 2-year college section in 2000, further education college in 2001, 4-year college section in 2002, evening school in 4-year college section in 2003, Taiwan/Germany Elite Project-2 track education class in the 2-year junior college section in 2005 and Taiwan/Germany Elite Project-2 track education class in the 2-year college section in 2010. Our college section is a 4-year college, enrolling students with related majors are from senior or vocational high schools. There are four channels to obtain admission including Admission by Application Program, Recommendation Selection Admission Program, Excellent Skill Validation Enrollment Program, and Common Entrance Examination. The education delivered in the college section is to link the education that students received in senior or vocation high schools and to make all the courses consistent and with integrity so that students can learn the theories and skills about business administration and hence make themselves the talents needed in the job market. Presently, we have a 4-year college section, evening schools in 4-year college section and 2-year college respectively and one further education college in the 2-year college section.

Education Objectives
The education objective of our department is to cultivate business managerial talents with capabilities in conducting analysis, integration and efficient communication. Students are expected to possess the knowledge about modern and informationalized managerial skills. Meanwhile, through designed curriculum such as employment programs, cooperative education programs, license coaching, industry visits, and practical project implementation, students can receive practical trainings right in their school days and know what is exactly needed in the job market and be well prepared before graduation. Our department was ranked as 1st level by Ministry of Education in 2009 (reviewed every 4 years).

We have 26 teachers, composed of 1 professor, 9 associate professors, 8 assistant professors and 8 lecturers. Every teacher has his/her master or PhD degree obtained either in domestic or international university and specialty in certain academic and research fields. The part-time teachers in our department are either full-time teachers from other universities or experts from industries and they all have a master degree or above. Faculty with excellent performance is considered to be the most precious assets in our department.

Curriculum Planning
In order to achieve the objective of cultivating students with professional abilities, in addition to foundation courses (e.g. economy, statistics, accounting and management), we also put focus on the core courses like production management, marketing management, human resources management, research and development management, finance management and information management. We also prepare students language and computer application courses to enhance these important skills needed in the real world. Also, in order to further strengthen students’ competitiveness in the job market, we prepare them consulting services to help them obtain basic and professional licenses along with practical training as well.

We have one professional multi-media audio-visual classroom, one focus-group research lab, and two professional computer labs. We also have related hardware and software installed such as ERP, CRM, 3D virtual business management, data exploration, SPSS statistical analysis, AMOS statistical analysis, BOSS decision-making simulation for business management, KMS, DEA Solver data analysis, ESS market survey, and Chain Store Master.

Departmental Operation Development
In order to implement our departmental operation and carry out projects in relation to teaching and research, in addition to our regular monthly departmental meeting, we also form various committees, made up by faculty, to take care of different departmental activities. Presently, the committees we have are as follows: curriculum planning committee, students’ appeal-handling committee, student-guidance committee, student rewards and punishments committee, expenditure auditing committee, library committee, wall chart/instrument equipment committee, welfare committee, dietary supervision committee, gender equality education, phone-advisory committee, general affair committee, teaching subsidizing committee, student association instructors, alumni service solicitation committee, enrollment team, R&D committee, performance evaluation committee, etc. Each committee not only takes care of its own business but also cooperate with each other through sufficient communication to achieve overall administrative activities essential to the operation of our department.

Advanced Education
Regarding pursuing advanced education, our students can continue their education in domestic or international graduate schools and major in business administration, industry management, information management, finance and banking, technology management, HR management, managerial science and marketing, distribution, etc. Meanwhile, we also have graduate institutes, such as Graduate Institute of Business Management in Service Industry, Graduate Institute of Global Trade and Logistics, Graduate Institute of Financial Planning and Tax Management, Graduate Institute of Information Technology and Management, and On-Job Education programs for students to apply for and continue their pursuit of advanced education.


After graduation, students can work in departments such as marketing, production, HR, accounting, planning, or business management department in any organizations. Meanwhile, they can also choose to take national Civil Service Examinations to work in governmental departments. Other than working, students can also pursue their advanced education in graduate schools in Taiwan or overseas and become teachers or researchers in the future.



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