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College of Management


The College of Management is composed of the Department of Business Administration, Department of International Trade, Department of Logistics Management, Department of Marketing Management, Department of Applied Foreign Languages, and Department of Chains and Franchising Management. In our college, we have 94 full-time teachers with 54 holding a PhD degree. Our teaching staff consists of 7 professors, 33 associate professors, and 38 assistant professors 17 lecturers.
Our college has 21 professional labs including SPSS professional lab, trade simulation lab, trading business classroom, exhibition professional lab, integrated marketing classroom, future shop, franchising development center, focus study research lab, business administration multimedia room, foreign language testing lab, language lab, multimedia language classroom, simulated reporting lab and
video conference room. The labs are equipped with 43 various management, statistics, trading and language related software to develop students' professional skills and competitiveness in the workplace. Students will possess independent thinking, problem solving skills, and international language communication and group communication skills when they graduate.


The missions of our college are to develop integrity and professionalism of students and to cultivate a business management professional with practicability, global vision, work ethic and humanity through teaching, research and practical trainings.


Our college is dedicated to the promotion of management education in order to develop business talents who are capable of making decisions with broad international viewpoint and who are competitive in the global arena. We hope to make quick but yet stable progress in the field of business administration, to accumulate our power in academic research, and to prepare talents needed in our society so as to build up our academic reputation which eventually will make our college well-known domestically and internationally.





Research Interests


Jason Chao-Hsien Pan

Ph. D.

Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Houston, Texas, U.S.A.





Department of International Trade

Department of Business Administration

Department of Applied Foreign Languages

Department of Logistics Management

Department of Marketing Management

Department of Marketing Management (Master Degree Program and on-the-job Master Degree Program)

Graduate Institute of Logistics Management

Department of Chain and Franchising Management

Jason Chao-Hsien Pan

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