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Graduate Institution of Financial Planning and Tax Management

This is the first graduate school set up based on customers’ viewpoint of financial planning in Taiwan. The purpose of its establishment is to provide professional knowledge about income and tax management so that our students are trained to be good at their own financial management or become professional tax managers. Our objective is to cultivate talents specializing in financial planning and tax related issues and to guide the financial planning industry towards a sounder development direction. We devote to the long-term development of financial planning industry through cultivating high-quality financial planning talents and establishing the foundation and structure of financial planning related theories and practical knowledge.

We are the first graduate school that design our curriculum based on the six examination programs of the Certified Financial Planner (CFP). The coverage of the courses is as follows: fundamental financial planning, risk management and insurance planning, employee welfare and retirement pension planning, investment planning, transfer planning of land tax, other levies and property, and full-aspect financial planning. We are authorized by FPAT as a qualified CFP educational training institution; therefore after taking related courses designed in our institution, students get themselves the title to take any examination of the six examination programs. The fields under our research coverage include the professional issues faced by individual financial management such as investment planning, risk management, tax management, customer relationship management, etc.

Curriculum Planning
1. Preparing the six major educational training programs of CFP and related advanced topics
2. The Research Method course is designed to help students enhance their ability in research execution and independent thinking
3. Communication and marketing related courses are also included in curriculum as they are essential in carrying out professional financial planning

After graduation, our student can work as full-aspect financial consultants or take jobs in the field of financial planning or wealth management in financial organizations by providing financial products such as banking, securities, futures and investment trust consulting services.

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Jason Kumming Huang
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