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Department of Public Finance and Taxation

Tax Officers are never absent from their job field


Our departmental objective is to help our students equip themselves with financial and tax planning ability for either personal or business purposes. Meanwhile, helping them to obtain as many professional licenses as possible and enhancing their competitiveness in the job market are the two guiding principles we stick to. Our curriculum planning takes “taxation” courses as the foundation and is supplemented by professional knowledge such as accounting, financial planning, law and information and practical training held in tax authorities in order to really help students put their taxation knowledge into practice. Our strengths are as follows:

  1. Valuing workplace ethics and morality education
  2. Informationalization of Taxation (The Practice of Income Tax Declaration Conducted on Internet, Information System of Taxation Accounting)
  3. Focusing on the practical training on taxation (Taipei National Tax Administration, National Tax Administration of Northern Taiwan Province, CPA Firms)
  4. Cultivating professional tax and financial planning talents
  5. Cultivating public officials (Civil Service Examinations, Special Examination on Customs, Special Examinations on Taxation, Bookkeepers, Land Administration Agents, etc)
  6. Focusing on taxation system and practice held in China

Curriculum Planning

In addition to required courses such as Finance, Taxation Regulations, Income Tax, Intermediate Accounting, and Commercial Package Software, in order to help our students to enter the workforce successfully, we also prepare them practical training held in taxation authorities. Besides, two additional programs - Taxation Planning and Taxation Practice, are designed to meet the demands from the job market.

  • Taxation Planning: The focus of this program lies in cultivating talents specializing in taxation and financial planning and helping our students get related licenses as many as possible. The courses covered are Property Taxation, Investment, Finance Management, Trust and Taxation Regulations, Taxation Planning, Financial Market, Financial Product, The Practice of Financial Planning, Research on Financial and Taxation Problems in China, etc.
  • Taxation Practice: The focus of this program lies in equipping our students with related abilities demanded in taxation and accounting fields and assisting our students in passing bookkeeper, accountant or finance and taxation public official examinations. The courses covered are Taxation Accounting, Bookkeeping Related Regulations, Taxation Declaration System, Auditing, Cost Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Taxation in China, Tax Relief, Administrative Laws, etc.

Faculty & Facilities

Facilities: Professional Taxation Classroom (equipped with taxation accounting software), and practical training held in Call Center, Taipei National Taxation Administration, National Taxation Administration of Northern Taiwan Province and CPA Firms 
1 professor: specializing in taxation system
5 associate professors: specializing in accounting, economy, finance and taxation, laws and finance. 
7 assistant professors: specializing in finance and taxation, laws, economics and finance. 
9 doctors: specializing in finance and taxation, finance, economics, laws, and investment


Advanced Education: Finance Graduate School, Business Graduate School, Economy Graduate School, Business Administration Graduate School, Finance and Banking Graduate School.

  1. Passing bookkeeper examination and becoming a bookkeeper
  2. Passing accountant examination and be an accountant
  3. Passing finance and taxation public official examinations and work as a public official
  4. Working as a finance or taxation staff in a private organization
  5. Working in finance or banking institutions and providing financial services
  6. Assisting in job seeking through our employment program
  7. Job opportunities released by companies offering their practical training including taxation information companies, CPA firms, finance consulting companies, finance and banking companies, information companies, etc. TMUST is located nearby Nei-Hu Science Park; therefore many job opportunities could be available to our students.





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