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College of Finance


College of Finance is composed of Master Program of Financial Planning and Tax Management, Department of Accounting Information, Department of Finance and Taxation, Department of Insurance and Financial Management, Department of Finance ,and Bachelor Program of Real Estate Investment and Management. Our objective is to cultivate our students into talents not only specializing in the fields of practical financial planning, taxation and finance and banking management but also showing the morality while practicing their specialized skills.
In our college, we have 72 full-time teachers, composed of 5 professors, 27 associate professors, 23 assistant professors and 17 lecturers. Teachers with a title as or above assistant professor are up to 76.4% and the number of teachers with a PhD degree is 41.
Based on the resources needed in teaching and research conducted by each department, we set up up a total of 9 professional classrooms which are all equipped with professional software and facilities, including 27 kinds of professional software and a database of past examination questions for 20 different professional licenses.

  1. Core courses are taught by full-time teachers, using latest teaching case studies. Our college focuses on creating a linkage between academic research, projects with corporations and teaching courses.
  2. Our college promote: teaching by professionals with practical experience, cooperation with corporations, workplace training and immediate employment after graduation.
  3. Facilitating the education of finance ethics.
  4. Each department has two professional modules with optional courses focusing on practical learning.
  5. Balancing between the developments of teachers' academic research and corporate corporation, and students' theoretical learning, license attainment and practical training.


  1. To cultivate a professional with financial knowledge and work ethics.
  2. Emphasizing on teaching.
  3. Promoting research and corporate cooperation.
  4. Developing students' skills.
  5. Focusing on both professional and practical skills.
  6. Following and linking with industrial trends.


  1. Establishing a sound and high quality college structure and setting up a system in which resources will be well integrated through making complete rules to guide our internal operation .
  2. Exerting strengths that have been developed by our five departments and one master program so that the overall development is well balanced.
  3. Continuously enhancing our faculty quality, improving faculty structure and achieving high education and research performance.
  4. Integrating faculty resources effectively and cultivating students with professional capability through well planned curriculum programs.
  5. Having diverse and complete facilities and professional classrooms in order to boost the performance of education and the effectiveness of research. 
  6. Focusing on practical training and license attainment.
  7. Building up relationship between alumni and corporations to form a well connected social network.
  8. Developing teaching quality assurance program to ensure that our graduates possess the core capabilities.
  9. Executing the Finance Ethics course to equip students with professional knowledge and good personality.
  10. Establishing a Financial License Center, Financial Information Center and Finance Ethics Educational Center to increase the standard of licenses, information and ethics obtained by each department.





Research Interests

Professor and Dean, College of Finance

Lo Neng-Ching

Department of
Public Finance and Taxation

Tax Law and Regulation
Tax Agent




Department of Accounting Information

Department of Public Finance and Taxation

Department of Insurance & Financial Management

Department of Banking and Finance

Graduate Institution of Financial Planning and Tax Management

Lo Neng-Ching
TEL: +886-2-2658-5801 No.56, Sec.1, Huanshan Rd., Neihu District,Taipei City, Taiwan 11451, R.O.C.
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